We Build Culturally Connected Brands

We are a global, digitally led creative agency focused on building brands that connect to and draw momentum from the culture that shapes consumers’ lives.

These are the culturally connected brands.

Culturally connected brands outperform their categories.
They don’t interrupt culture, they make it.
And they connect to consumers’ hearts and minds, forging a relationship that is both valued and valuable to everyone.

We do it by creating a belief-ready idea: an idea that so closely aligns with consumers’ values, needs and beliefs – right now, today – that it makes the brand instantly relevant and instantly appealing.

We can do this with our brands because our thinking is fueled by a unique intelligence engine that analyzes and distills generational culture into actionable knowledge – in the right now and in the long term.

And because we’ve reimagined how agencies deliver all kinds of content, we connect brands to culture with an agility and quality that delivers step-change results.

Our Capabilities

Consumer Insights & Analytics

Work that works begins and ends with intelligence. Intelligence that goes beyond the typical ivory tower blandishments and reads between the lines of data and conversations, in real time and over the long haul. This is our daily bread.

Proprietary Research

The Cassandra Report is the critical decision-making tool for the world's top companies and brands seeking to reach and engage young consumers. More than just a data dump, it's a story, a narrative created to breed new thinking, foster innovation and spark positive change.

Creative, Technology & Product

There's only one way to motivate people to action. Emotional connection. All strategies hinge on it, so the work we create delivers it. Inspiringly conceived, expertly executed. Creativity is our vocation, code our medium.

Content Marketing

Moment Studio is the original creative newsroom for hire. Like no other creative operation in the industry, this group turns passion for craft into the most creative and delightful content in the world. We promise it.

Social Communications & Influencer Marketing

People livein their social feeds. We get brands to live that way, too, helping them connect with people that are as powerful as the connections people make with each other.

Distribution Strategy

Channel planning and media strategy go beyond plans, spreadsheets and up fronts. We nerd out on cleverly efficient paid, owned and earned media strategies - planned and real-time - that turn ideas into affinity and content into action.

Client Services & Delivery

Great work is useless unless it serves the brand and is executed flawlessly. We've built a stronger account management practice: strategic subject matter experts that help guide clients through an increasingly challenging media landscape.

All Clients

We're growing

During the past 10 years, FlipScript has provided leading digital marketing services to the international public as well as local clients, including Tourism Australia, Value Retail (Yioulai), Starbucks China, Porsche, New Balance, L’Oreal, Tmall and many more. Through a fruitful working relationship launched in the Chinese market, FlipScript has been able to build up global partnerships with both Tourism Australia and Value Retail respectively. In the four years between 2011 and 2014, FlipScript also worked closely with the Alibaba User Experience Design Team, laying the foundation for the explosive growth of the Double Eleven global shopping holiday.
FlipScript now resides under ASAP+, a group chaired by Alpha Xu. ASAP+ is a revolutionary new digital holding company, which, in addition to digital marketing services, also includes multiple international business platforms. By providing a comprehensive one-stop shop for business consulting, marketing integration, data sharing services, etc., all based around digital platform creation, ASAP+ is able to help its clients to “bridge the gaps digitally” and successfully promote their businesses in the Chinese market.

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